Hannah's Still Sick

Yup, the little girl went for a recheck (reculture) of her nasal passages and she's still got that nasty pseudomonas bacterial infection. Ugh! The good news is that she's much better now than she was 6 weeks ago when she had her fist culture done. She's sneezing less, she has less nasal discharge, she's less congested, she's more energetic, more feisty, and getting into more trouble. :o) So, now we wait a few more days until the sensitivity test results come back to determine what drug she'll be on next. The sensitivity test is where they (the lab people) inject various antibiotics into the bacteria and see which one is most successful at attacking it and eradicating it. As I've mentioned before when discussing this, pseudomonas is one of the most resistant bacteria out there, so finding out that she still has the infection doesn't completely surprise me. Pray for the little pest to get well, please. Here she is enjoying the sunshine a couple of days ago.


Suzanne said…
Poor Hannah. All concerned are in my prayers.

LoriRay said…
Awwwwwww, poor kitty! :( I hope they find the right antibiotic to fight the nasty infection.