The "Great" Ice Storm of 2009 (Lots of Pics)

We had some freezing rain throughout the day yesterday. The weather gurus forecasted a very heavy band of freezing rain, sleet, and snow to hit mid-late afternoon. After discussing with the managers of 2 other stores in the area, we decided to close at 4pm. Of course, the bad weather decided to slow down and not show up until mid-evening. We still would've had to close early, but we probably could've stayed open until 6pm.

As the storm moved closer, the freezing rain turned to sleet which is supposedly better than freezing rain because it doesn't accumulate on the power and phone lines. Late last night, the sleet arrived. This is what it looked like out my front door around 10pm.

Sleet continued to fall throughout the night, but it had stopped by the time I woke up this morning. This is what it looked like early this morning, just before the sun came up.

But wait! The sun was coming up!

Once the sun came up, it was much easier to see just how bad the streets were. That's solid ice, baby!!

From my front porch, looking across the street. Doesn't that look like something you'd like to drive on??

The driveway, flower bed, and part of the street.

The view down my street before the sun started melting everything.

So today, I've been staying inside and doing various things around the house. Took a nice little nap and have been enjoying the extra time with my kitties. I have been stitching on my LHN piece, which is almost finished, and watching the ice melt and drip off the roof of the house. What a great way to enjoy a cold day!!

I'll post more pics in my next post.


Carolyn NC said…
You did get some ice! Glad you were able to enjoy the time at home!