Merry Christmas!

Happy birthday to Jesus, our Savior! What a wonderful gift his birth brought all those years ago in Bethlehem. Today is a day to reflect on God's gift of life and to spend in worship of Jesus, just as those at His birth worshipped Him.

Here at my house today, things will be very low-key. It's just me and my husband and we've decided not to do the big Christmas meal, but rather to spend the day relaxing. I have a roast going in the crock pot which will make my house smell like heaven. I'm also going to make a cherry pie for Mark. It's his favorite and I usually make it for his birthday and for Christmas. I'm not good at pie crusts, but I've got a new recipe to try, so wish me luck!! Other than fixin' the mashed taters later, I plan on restin', relaxin', and stitchin'. (Must be tired; my Texas accent is coming out!)

May your day be filled to the brim with God's love and the love of friends and family.


Suzanne said…
Merry Christmas Stephanie! Enjoy your day of relaxation!