Thanksgiving Exchanges Received

I love posting stitching pics! This past Tuesday was mailing day for our Unfinished Thanksgiving exchange at OOE. I stitched for Robin and Chris stitched for me. Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. It's not always been that way, but Thanksgiving was the last holiday we celebrated together as a family with my mom before she passed away in 1996. After that, our family changed forever, for more reasons than just my mom's passing.

Okay! Back to the topic at hand. (Thanks for letting me reminisce.)

First up is the exchange piece I received from Chris. This is stitched on "Autumn" linen using DMC threads. It's a Leisure Arts design and is so unique! I love it!

Next, is the piece I stitched for Robin. After much diving through my stash, I decided on Waxing Moon's "Give Thanks". I remember last year when I "discovered" this design on the WM website, she liked it and wanted her own copy. Knowing that she hadn't stitched it yet, I stitched it for her! :) It's stitched on 32 ct. Vintage Palomino linen from R&R using Crescent Colours fibers and one GAST color. It was such a delightful stitch, but that turkey body got old really quick!!

Tonight's the Saturday Night Stitch and I'll be stitching on LHN's "City Stitcher, Country Stitcher". Look for an update tomorrow!


Suzanne said…
Both of those are really pretty. I have always liked Thanksgiving because for one thing, I am a fall kind of person, but also because my mom cooked a big Thanksgiving meal and had my aunts and uncles here at her house. Now that she and my dad are both gone, it's a really sad holiday for me...but I have great memories of our holidays together. I have a wonderful freind who always invites me to eat dinner with him and his family now and I am building a new tradition and new memories that way.

I wanted to stitch PS Thanksgiving Comes Again this year, but I didn't have time...I'm ready to start Christmas stitching now!