Waiting for Santa & Random Other Thoughts

I put the final stitches in this whimsical Christmas piece by Helga Mandl over the weekend. It stitched up quickly and really turned out cute, I think!

In other news, my 96-year old grandmother is in the hospital. She lives with my aunt and my aunt took her to the hospital this past Saturday. My grandma spent her 96th birthday in the hospital. :( Today she had a blood transfusion, but the doctors still haven't figured out what's causing her bleeding. Any prayers for a diagnosis and healing will be greatly appreciated. Here's a pic of me & Grandma from a few years ago.

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Lastly, I found this on Dave Ramsey's website. It's an hysterical look at government, The Heaviest Element Known to Science. http://www.daveramsey.com/etc/cms/heaviest_element_known_to_science_11004.htmlc?ictid=sptlt2


Debra said…
Cute piece. Hope your grandma is getting better.
Debra in Indiana
Suzanne said…
That is just darling!

I am sorry to read of your grandmother's illness...your family will be in my prayers...

What a cute finish!