It's the End of September

And thankfully, summer is coming to an end! A cool front has come through, but it's still going to be a warm day. I'm so ready for the cooler temps of fall. Here in north Texas, fall doesn't really get geared up until November, but October is usually a cooler month with rain. We desperately need rain.

Stitching-wise, I've been working on getting back into the routine of my rotation. I did finish one ornament this month (minus the buttons) and I managed to start the November flip-it on the Lizzie Kate piece I've been stitching on for 2 years. This is Shepherd's Bush's "Joy" ornie from the "Joy to the World" leaflet.

Since the last time I posted, I also finished the October block for my LK project.

I've also been "rescuing" the forgotten projects in my stitching basket. I recently picked up LHN's "Sweet Little Berries" and got to the half-way point on it. I only started it 2 or 3 years ago!! I've decided to leave this one in my locker at work and stitch on it as my lunch project. That way, I'm not hauling it back and forth everyday.

Lastly, I've committed to finishing my 2 former incentive round pieces, La-D-Da's "A Bushel and a Peck" and LHN's "City Stitcher, Country Stitcher". I've not stitched any on the LHN piece since my last post because I've been primarily focusing on the La-D-Da piece. I only stitch on this on Sundays and can get about 3 hours in while watching the Cowboys play. Here's my progress as of this past Sunday.

I have one other finish to post, but alas! It's an exchange piece that hasn't been mailed yet, so that will have to wait until another time!! Until then, happy stitching!!


Meari said…
Your WIPs look good, Stephanie.
Mare said…
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Mare said…
I LOVE how the La-D-Da design is coming. Your finishes look great!
Debra said…
Great stitching!
Debra in Indiana