This Cat... sick! This is my precious Hannah Grace. She's been sneezing off and on for the past several weeks. Since we were taking Callie to the vet last Friday for her annual check up, I called and asked if Hannah could tag along and be checked out. She loves going to the vet and checking out all the cabinets and instruments laying on the counter! (Not sure the vet & staff like it, though! LOL) She wasn't running a fever, but he did a PCR test to see if she tested positive for Feline Herpes Virus like we've suspected ever since we brought her home from animal control. Since we already give her L-Lysine daily, he gave her an antibiotic shot and sent her home with antibiotic pill treats.

All was well until Monday when she woke up congested and snotty. Ugh! We've been there, done that before, but it's still no fun when one of your babies gets sick. She has one more day's worth of antibiotics, but I have a sneaky suspicion that she'll be going back to the vet before it's all said and done. I miss my little "helper" and curious kitty who likes to play in the kitchen while I'm cooking kitty. I miss her little chirp and her meows. I miss her curling up on my chest while I'm on the computer. I miss her tormenting her sister, Callie. I miss her little perky self.

I'll be so glad when this crud is gone!