Christmas Just Isn't Christmas Without...

...homemade chocolate chip cookies!!!

Here they are waiting to go into the oven...

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And here's the finish product...

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Now all I need is a TALL glass of COLD COLD COLD milk and I'll be set!!

Of course, with all this baking comes memories of my mom who passed away December 13, 1996. She instilled in me a love for baking homemade goodies from scratch, not just during the Christmas season, but all year long. Nothing says lovin' more than something homemade! Most of my holiday memories of my mom involve us baking TONS of cookies together. Every year, we would bake at least 2 double recipes of chocolate chip cookies, Oatmeal "Rocks" for my dad (so dry the only way you can stand to eat them is dunked in coffee!!), Coconut Oatmeal cookies for my brother (just past raw is the way he likes them best), and peanut butter cookies. Momma was always taking cookies to someone or some function during the Christmas season. They were always well received, too!

With the baking of the chocolate chippers came the never-ending argument of how long to bake them. Momma liked them semi-raw and I liked them well done, crunchy well done. We usually compromised and made half the batch her speed and half the batch my speed, but if I was doing the baking, more would be my speed and less her half-baked speed!!

So... the Christmas season is officially underway at my house!