Thought I Fell off the Face of the Earth??

Sometimes I feel like I have, but I'm still among the living!! Summer and the first part of Autumn have been very hectic! I got into a stitching slump and into a garden frenzy! Here's a pic of one of our flower beds in (almost) all of its glory.

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In October, my hubby fell 12' off a ladder while trimming the tree in our front yard and fractured 2 vertebrae in his back. He spent 15 days in the hospital mainly due to all the pain meds saturating his system. Basically, he had to detox, which was not a fun experience for either of us. He came home the end of October and he's doing splendidly. He just finished a 3-week round of in-home physical therapy. In another 3-4 weeks, he's hoping to start outpatient therapy at a nearby PT clinic.

Understandably, taking care of the husband has been my #1 priority. When he first came home from the hospital, he couldn't do anything for himself. I had to help him do everything...get into bed, out of bed, go to the potty, take a shower, turn over, sit up, sit down, get up, get down, get all his meals ready for him & clean up the dishes. It was exhausting work! I have just recently started sleeping through the night again. What a wonderful thing! I have a whole new appreciation for parenthood!!

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You can't tell it from this picture, but Mark has a hard plastic brace he has to wear. For the first month after surgery, he had to wear it 24/7 unless he was in bed. He couldn't even sit up on the side of the bed without it on! I quickly became proficient in getting that thing on him in the dark! Mark spent lots of nights in the recliner under the heated throw. Hannah soon discovered her a new napping spot! LOL She's not usually a cuddle bug, but I think she knew Mark was hurting and needed a little comforting.

I have done lots of stitching in the interim months. I'll post pics of my finishes in my next post! Or, if you're in a hurry to see them, you can check out my Fotki albums and see them all!

Happy Thanksgiving all!