Happy New Year!

Eventho it's already the middle of the month, Happy New Year! Last year ended with a sick husband, a sick cat, and a sick me! Not the best way to end the year or start a new one, but we're all better now and life is pretty good. Well, as good as it can be when it's cold outside!

Ice has hit North Texas and we've been housebound today. I ventured out late this afternoon and took a few pictures around the yard.

Here's the view out the window over my sink. I giggle everytime I see that pumpkin on top of the compost pile! Now it's covered in ice!

View Outside my Back Window

Frozen Savannah Holly limb on the east side of our house and our honeysuckle bush.

Frozen Branch


Since it was a stay inside kind of day, I made a big pot of beef stew and a batch of cornbread for dinner. Made the house smell yummy all afternoon!! It was so delish and warming!