Olivia's Garden Quilt & Other Projects

I'm so close to finishing Olivia's Garden Quilt!! This has been a 2 year WIP and I'll be glad to have it finished. It's so beautiful, especially the middle flower arrangement. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

I made my first flat fold ever! It was really a lot of fun and very easy. I even made the cording for it. That wasn't too horrifying either! LOL The design is a Lizzie*Kate Pocketbook kit, Beware of Cat.

Here's a side view of the flat fold so you can sorta see the fabric I used on the back.

Lastly, the back of the piece.

Now I'm in a finishing frenzy and trying to get stuff finished!!

We're heading to TN to visit my DH's family, so hopefully we'll get to see some pretty autumn sights. Living in north Texas, autumn arrives sometime around Thanksgiving, but I'm ready for a little bit of autumn now!