It's August in Texas!

And it's HOT!! It's been so long since I've posted; I'm blaming it on the heat! We've now had 42 days of +100º temps here in Texas, and 18 days straight. That's just downright too many for this native Texan! I'm ready for winter, or to go live in a walk-in refrigerator! The little fan under my desk at work is a favorite hang out spot for my coworkers, since it's just about the coolest place in the building. LOL!

Not much going on in the garden right now. My plants are continuing to grow like weeds, which many could be classified as. I spent a little bit of time out weeding one day last week. Things are just blooming like crazy!

This is my esperanza. It's been blooming like crazy all year. The bright yellow flowers are so cheerful. Even my husband said he likes this plant becuase it's so happy looking! :)

My mystery plant finally bloomed. I need to take a picture of it because it's got white, lavender, and blue blooms on it! It's very pretty and if I knew what it was, I'd get more to plant in the fall.