Things are Still Bloomin'

Despite the horrid heat we've been having lately as well as the lack of rain, the perennials are doing great! Of course, that's why I planted them so that they'd continue to do well during the hot, dry times we have. My Striped Mallow, or French Hollyhocks, or Zebrinas, whichever you prefer to call them have started blooming (top pic). I had no idea what they would look like when I planted them so I'm wonderfully surprised at how beautiful they are! I will try to snap a pic of them in full bloom as both plants are loaded with buds.

My white gaura is still blooming like crazy. It closes the flowers at night and reopens them in the morning. I had no idea it did this! My pink guara is putting out flower stalks, so that one should be in bloom soon!

Last night, I fed the bed with some Garrett Juice, a little fish & seaweed mixture, and some earthworm castings. Watered them in well. I need to throw out some molasses as I've seen some ants running around. I also planted a Butterfly Bush that I rescued from the clearance section at Wal-Mart's garden center. We'll see how it fares out in the bed.